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Washburne Trade School-Chef's Training Program, 1991. Graduated with honors, placed second in school sponsored Hors D'oeuvres Contest and wrote paper that became part of the teaching curriculum. Cooking & Hospitality Institute of Chicago, 1989. Obtained Bartending & Beverage Management Certificate.


Kocoa's Kitchen, 1988 to present. As Chef-Owner I offered once a week dinners for pick-up & delivery, went on to full-service, off-site catering. I now focus on culinary consulting services which includes TV/radio chef, food product spokesperson, MC for food events, developing and implementing food service systems, teaching cooking classes for adults, chef's training for teens, and conducting food demos & seminars. "Cooking With Love" released May 2000.

Taste of Chicago-Dominick’s Cooking Corner, June 2011. I presented a “live” cooking segment. This marks the eighth time I have appeared in this venue since 2000.

Jane Adams Hull House Museum, April, 2011. Featured Chef Speaker at the weekly Re-Thinking Soup lecture series.

Michael Barlow Center, January 2009 to January 2011. As Chef Instructor, I instruct St. Leonard’s Transitional Housing client base in Basic Culinary Skills training them for entry level kitchen jobs.

WGN Morning News, Chicago, December 25, 2007. I was featured presenting a “live” cooking segment for Lawry’s Seasonings.

IRA Educational Fdtn – Culinary Camp Chef Instructor, August 2007. I instructed high school students in basic cooking techniques.

Real Men Cook Cookbook, June 2005. Food Stylist

Nude Hippo: Your Chicago Show, June 2003 to July 2004. As Culinary Reporter, I was the on-air talent reporting on various Chicago-land food stories with a 3-5 minute food segment. Chicago Commercial Cable TV-Channel 25.

Check, Please/WTTW Channel 11, September 2003. On-air guest reviewer for Genessee Depot, Gibson’s Steak House and Sally’s Original Pancake House.

Calphalon Culinary Center, March 2002 to October 2004. As Adjunct Chef, I taught the hands-on basic cooking series.

PSA for Washburne Culinary Institute/WYCC Channel 20, October 2001. Recruitment segment that repeats for new semester sign-up.

Chicago City Farm, June 2001 to June 2006. As Chef Consultant, I represented the Farm in educational and promotional venues as an advocate for organic/sustainable food systems.

WCGI 1390AM Gospel Radio-Chicago, November 1998 to December 1999. On a weekly basis, I appeared on-air as the Culinary Advisor to talk food facts, tips, info and share seasonal recipes.

WGN-TV Morning News-Chicago, February 1998 to June 2000.As Food Correspondant, I was featured every Tuesday, 8:45am in aweekly segment called "Kocoa's Kitchen" (sponsored by Jewel Foods & Melissa's / World Variety Pruduce, Inc.) where I prepared creative cuisine "live" in the studio.

Hyde Park Cooperative Society, Inc., April 1997 to April, 1999.As Chef Consultant, I developed the HMR (Home Meal Replacement) system. My duties included creating fresh from scratch recipes & meals, training the kitchen staff in cooking methods and sanitation procedures, maintaining the budget and writing food columns for store newspaper.

Youth Guidance-Clemente Community Academy, September 1996to June 1997. As Culinary Specialist, I developed and implemented programs, workshops & special events that enhanced the regular culinary curriculum at Clemente High School.

Chicago Public Schools C-CAP*- Englewood Tech Prep Academy, February 1994 to May 1997. As Culinary Consultant, I developed curriculum for Food Management courses, instructed high school students in commercial food prep techniques & wrote successful proposals for state educational funds. *Careers Through Culinary Arts Program.

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Professional Affiliations
Growing Power, Chicago – Advisory Council
Resource Center – Board Member
Growing Home, Inc.-Board Member
Les Dames d’Escoffier, Chicago Chapter-Board Member
Washburne Culinary Institute Chef’s Alumni Association-Board Member